Custom Flirt Listings


I enjoy making Niteflirt listings! My goal is to create listings that reflect the personality and strengths of the characters they represent, in a classy and understated style.

To keep costs (my time) minimal, I use a template layout that I developed. Your listing will be based on my template. It will vary somewhat depending on the number of photos and features you wish to use.

Within this template, however, your listing is completely unique! I base my choice of background designs, colors and buttons on the photos you are going to use in your listing.

It is unlikely that I will ever use the same background for more than one person and certainly never the same combination of background, colors, and buttons for anyone else. Over the years I have collected a library of thousands of images and backgrounds, and I add to it daily. Your listings will never look like anyone else’s!


I’ve just started to branch out into custom WordPress sites. I can make your website match your listing. Like the Niteflirt listings, I use just one theme in order to keep my learning curve (my time and your cost) down. It has a lot of options, so sites don’t have to look the same. This site and are two examples. I’ll add more soon!

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  1. I took a long break from niteflirt and decided to restart my phone business and wanted to have a new template made…I was wondering what kind of info you would need to be able to get started

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