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I’ve been in the phone sex industry for about two years, which hardly makes me an expert. On the other hand, I’ve had a fair amount of success, and I believe in sharing what has worked for me with phone sex operators who are willing to work hard to make phone sex work for them.

If you are serious about doing phone sex on platforms such as Niteflirt, join forums, read them, read them more, and after a lot of reading, start asking questions. Throw out half of what you read, and make the other half workable for YOU. Take “how to do phone sex” websites with a hefty grain of salt. Yeah, even this one! LOL

When ladies ask me what makes a successful Niteflirt listing, I tend to come back with a set of questions for them. If you are transitioning from a phone sex company to the platforms or if you are new to the whole thing, I think if you can answer these questions you’ll have a better listing than if you can’t. And if you’ve been in the game for a while, reviewing the answers can help keep you fresh!

  • niteflirt listing templateWhat kind of phone sex do you love doing most?
  • What is your favorite type of phone sex caller?
  • What calls do you get the best compliments/feedback on?
  • What calls flow so easily you forget you’re getting paid?
  • What calls make you FEEL sexiest?
  • What calls make you pump the air and hiss “YES!” when they hang up?

If you can articulate the answers to these, you’ve written half your listing and given me a whole lot of direction on the design, as well as opened the discussion on what categories will be your best for starting out.

Then there’s the “duh” factor: these calls will be your most successful calls, they will get the best feedback, and they are the calls you want to attract–that you want your listing(s) to attract!

Anyone can throw up a listing on Niteflirt–a few sentences and a couple pictures. With the right combination of variables such as newness, bidding, price, and sexiness, it might be pretty successful–for a while. But if you want your listing to have staying power, to attract repeat callers and help keep you from burnout, giving it some thought before you put together text and photos can really pay off.

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